Wednesday, 13 May 2015

PEEKAY~ "Kind of Spoiler"

Came across this movie named Peekay and it is one not to be missed. Plots are well planned and organized and the characters' internalizations were good. It's not like any other conventional movies which just focuses on the advanced technical, graphic, or sound effects but this movie is purely attractive in every aspects of moderation.
I'll share some of why I would say so...

Firstly, I would like to confess personally that I am quite particular when it comes to picking movies that I would even entertain. Same like guys who goes for ugly duckling instead of a barbie doll (PLEASE DOUBLE CONFIRM WITH YOUR MIRROR BEFORE YOU CURSE MY WORDS, IF YOU HAVE DONE IT FEEL FREE TO CURSE IT), what I always seek in a movie was the core concept that it brings to its audiences instead of the amazing visual effects (of course it matters, indirectly) and nerve gripping plots (it's important, though). But this PEEKAY have just its own message to tell.

It brings audiences' attention into realization of its entire concept, bringing out the picture of how is religion perceived and practised in India through very comical representation. An Alien who came to earth naked and lost his key to a thief, went around searching for it but only to have everybody telling him that the only one who could help him is GOD. Believing that GOD was some person searchable and fathomable, there starts his journey in search for GOD.
He was called Peekay (Drunkard) by everybody because he went around searching for GOD in every religion's GOD's house, breaking every rules that the religion has unintentionally. Of course his search ended in vain, and guess what, he has his own unique way to find GOD with his own out of norm ideas. Of course he would need some money to carry out his tasks too, and yeah, he has his own weird ways of raising funds i.e, stealing money from dancing cars parked at secluded riverside (you make your own imagination, hehe)

It is not like any conventional movies which has some serious, strong taste concepts which has insertion of comic relief. But PEEKAY has definitely made me realize that it could be the other way round by having the core concept as a relief to the initial impression in the beginning of the movie that it is just another senseless comedy.

If you would like to watch a movie which challenges the notion of blind belief, superstitious practise and distorted brainwashing, this is something that you should not miss. This movie challenges a lot of blind practises that we have not even realized it ourselves, of course, through PEEKAY who is as innocent as a child to ask the most fundamental, simple, but hard to answer questions to the religious masters.


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