Sunday, 9 April 2017

My own bubble

It was weekend when I sat on my couch with my computer on my lap, and messages kept buzzing in my cellphone. I picked it up, there were quite a number messages calling me out for a weekend night's out.

I switched off my phone. 

That's the one thing I observed that has changed in me over time. The older I grow, the more I want to stay home. Even if it means to have your friends calling you a faggot, nerd, gay or whatever they want to. It doesn't bother me at all. If you ask me what I do on weekends? Basically preparing my lessons plans, listening to some musics and playing badminton. It's lame, I know. Haha


Some said that I am living a boring life. Some said that I'm not using the advantages that I have when I'm single. I have nothing in oppose to their point of view. Yes, I am living a simple life, but at the same time, I am moving closer day by day towards realizing my dream of freeing myself financially. I hold on to one fundamental principle of wealth that elderly people have taught me over the years, it's not all about how much you can earn, it's about how much you can keep that defines your wealth. Because you will see a lot of people with fancy outfits and belongings who are broke and longing for their next paycheck to come in. 


I have nothing in oppose to a night's out and truthfully it could be fun, but again... What's the point. Most of the people would buy drinks to make themselves happy. But what it is to me now, is just spending money in search for temporary happiness, which I don't really want. I know that happiness cannot be bought like satisfaction (like.. satisfaction of spending money), or it doesn't really come from getting yourself drunk and forget about the reality.


So, here I am. I would rather stay in my house, get a good rest and tell myself I am still good to go after that. I guess that's what growing up is like to me. You won't want to be involved in any useless activities anymore. Rather, self pampering becomes a top priority, for there is nothing in the world that is more loyal to you than the greatest gift your parents have given you, your own body. I decided to take a good care of mine. 

Man Of Impossibilities

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